You don't need to have any specific skills to participate – any help is welcome! Here's some ideas on how to get involved:


You enjoy working on the visual? Go ahead and create a logo, design mockups or imagine ways of interactions.


It's easy for you to get engaged in project? Bring that spirit to the rest of your team and help them push through the hackathon.


You like to get your hand dirty on some code or want to play with new technologies? Well, then the hack for good will be a a great opportunity to dive into the matter while getting inspiration and help from others.

Idea Giver

The team is stuck and doesn't know how to continue? That's where you come in and give some new directions.

Super Hero

You want to do your bit to help change the world? Then you already got all it takes.

Code of Conduct

Everybody who participates in Hack for Good / Hackolaus in one way or another is required to conform to our Code of Conduct (CoC). This includes attendees, speakers, sponsors, organisers and volunteers. The CoC applies before and throughout the event (including related activities such as social events, and social media).